Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 Reasons Why My 2008 Subaru Forester Sports XT is a Turd

1. Front underspoiler kit is shit. It costs $500 to replace and you should expect to replace it every year because it is way to brittle for winter states.
2. Fake STI wheels: they look good, but they are nothing like the real deal (BBS). They are also wrapped with horrible Yokohama Geolanders.
3. Non-WRX calipers.
4. Does not include roof rack crossbars from the factory. That’s OK, I will give Thule my money.
5. Turns like a truck. Funny, people want their trucks to turn like cars. Would it have been too much to put a WRX steering rack into this car?
6. Average Fuel Economy – 20mpg.
7. Sloshy suspension. Is it too much to ask for slightly lower, WRX suspension?
8. Wimpy hood scoop. It should be bigger.
9. Where the fuck are the fog lights?
10. Restrictive exhaust system.


sunshine said...

UPDATE: I cleaned the language up in the original post (with the exception of the comment about fog lights, I still think it carries meaning to be stated as written). I still have this car. I re-wrapped the wheels with Nokian WRG2s for the winter and I am very pleased with them. I am now convinced that the first thing I do when I buy my next vehicle is replace the OEM tires. The Yoks on this car handled horribly and were a sad excuse for rubber. I am very disappointed with Subaru for making such a poor choice.

For the record, this car failed state inspection with 24000 miles at 25 months old. Why? Tires. They were bald and the alignment was off. Subaru will provide one 4 wheel alignment under the factory warranty which I cashed in after I replaced the tires. Additionally, when the car was about 21 months old the rear brakes started grinding due to rusty rear rotors. No matter how hard I drive I cannot overcome the rust. I asked Subaru to replace them and they will not since there is nothing technically wrong with the vehicle other than the fact that is sounds like a toilet when I stop. Solution: Sunshine will pay out of pocket to replace the rotors and pads with NON-SUBARU parts after the winter. And if I get ambitious, I will replace the springs. If I am highly motivated, I'll replace the variable steering rack which I dislike the most. If I come to my senses, I'll buy something else. It won't take much to fix this car's faults and for what a BMW wagon or Audi wagon runs, I'll shut my mouth and hang on to the FSXT.

Anonymous said...

you are a dumbshit.

Anonymous said...

i have an 06 xt limited and it has everything that you wanted. the reason your car have no foglights and roof rack is because your car is the SPORTS model. yes it does not come with wrx caliper brakes, real bbs rims, sti suspension, sti hood scoop, sti exhaust system because it is NOT STI. its just LOOKS SPORTY and it is just mean't for a regular family wagon. for the record it handles like a car to me and i prefer your sports version than my limited which is why i've converted my limited to sports look. you should of bought the limited instead. and poor fuel economy because it IS a turbocharged car. so i agree with the person who commented before me

Anonymous said...

and if alignment is off, just go to firestone and get their lifetime alignment for about $160. free alignments after that as long you own the car. thats what i did duhh and if you want all that performance, simple. buy sti or aftermarket parts....

Anonymous said...

Tough crowd. The true dumbshits are the ones that post insults as Anonymous.

Subarus are expensive. By the time you pay and mod them into awesome cars you could have just bought a GTI, Audi, Merc, or a BMW. Pick your poison: spend extra and use weekends to drive your car, spend less and spend use your weekends to mod the car...