Monday, March 31, 2008

Free Diabetes Supplies (Free FreeStyle Lite Strips)

As I was shopping on ebay this morning I came across several scam artists’ listings that stated if you gave them money they would provide information on how to get FreeStyle Lite Strips for free. Given that I am closely affected by someone with type 1 diabetes, I was very upset.

You can get up to 100 FreeStyle Lite Strips for free if you take a manufacturer’s survey.

The people who charge money for the following information are swindlers. Type 1 diabetes is a disease that people do not ask for and since stem cell research is still highly regulated (another issue for another day) there is no cure on the immediate horizon. The human cost of the disease is astronomical. To regulate your blood sugar thoroughly, you must eat portioned meals and exercise regularly. In order to live well with diabetes, you have to assimilate to strict schedule – food, sleep, work, and all other aspects of life have to be regulated. The financial cost is another story. It costs about $1 to test your blood glucose level. You need to prick you finger, draw blood, and test at least four times a day. Some people require more. You need insulin which costs at least $60-$100 a bottle. You will use 1-4 vials a month depending on thy type you use. Over the years, the price adds up.

Diabetics contribute enough blood to measure their blood glucose level. Do not be lured in by the blood suckers trying to rip you off and steal your money on ebay so they can sell you the following URL:

Please leave comments on this blog to show your support for those struggling to make ends meet with their burden of diabetes.



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I got them in the mail today.

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