Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks for Nothing MTV

Did you happen to catch the VMAs last night? After holding down my vomit for several hours the show finally ended. So congratulations MTV, you are responsible for this posting. Who was the former employee that decided it would be a good idea for Britney Spears to open the VMAs? I’ve seen inmates dance better than that. I hate to say it, but the only person calling Brit from this point on is going to be Hef.

In Britney's defense, she still looks great. At 26 and after two children, she still has it going on. Go ahead-call her fat if you must but remember: Statistics show that your ass has dimples too. Let’s face it- she is not 17 anymore. She has the body of a woman. What’s wrong with that? We have all watched her lip-sync her way through all her shows for years now, why act surprised now…

Speaking of people who don’t sing, what was your take on Chris Brown? I do not think he sang during his performance last night, do you? When I watch American Idol at least I can enjoy some fulfillment in the fact that even if the person sucks they still sing. When they are done I can laugh at that sawed of ass clown Ryan Seacrest and the moron who just showed the world that they believe everything there parents ever told them.

Well it is getting late, dishes need to be cleaned, and John Edwards just came on TV to likely fuel my next rant (FYI: I am registered as Independent). I cannot wait to hear what free, universal program he wants to establish when he is the next president. Maybe it will be plastic surgery for all the self conscious.

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